Use of Name

If you wish to announce your support for UNHCR through a donation or other means (website, printed materials, etc.), please contact us in advance to confirm the use of your name in the announcement. In addition, if you are considering supporting UNHCR through an event or product by saying that a portion of the proceeds (or participation fees) will be donated to UNHCR, please send a written proposal to our corporate/organizational staff for our prior approval.

Use of Logo

In principle, the use of our logo by third parties is prohibited.
However, in light of the scale and continuity of support, the Association may, in exceptional cases, review and approve the use of the logo by companies, organizations, and schools for the purpose of clearly indicating the recipient of the donation.

About Links

<Contact us if you wish to link to our website>

In principle, you are free to link to our website, so permission is not required. However, for future reference, when you set up a link to our website, please inform us using the inquiry form, stating the following.

・Name of the website owner
・Type of website owner (company, organization, individual)
・Contact information (address, telephone, fax, e-mail) and name of the person in charge
・Contents of the homepage
・The URL address of the homepage and the page on which the link is to be posted
・If the link will include a description of the association, please provide a draft of the description

Example: UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) works to protect refugees internationally. The United Nations Association for UNHCR is a non-profit organization (authorized NPO) established in October 2000 as the official support window of UNHCR in Japan.

Click here for inquiry form from individuals
Click here for inquiry form from companies
Click here for inquiry form from organizations and schools

<Note on Links>

Please note that we may ask you to correct or delete the link at a later date, depending on how the link is placed and the content of the link.

The use of the logo of UNHCR or the United Nations Association for UNHCR without permission is prohibited.

Links are not permitted in the following cases

・If the content of your website is contrary to the philosophy or code of conduct of UNHCR or the Association
・In the case of commercial purposes (i.e., if the link is deemed to promote the business or sales of a specific company, organization, or individual)
・If the contents of your website may harm the credibility or neutrality of UNHCR and the Association